Visiting university students

Visiting university students

Arizona State University welcomes visiting university students and is proud to provide students enrolled in other colleges and universities with opportunities to stay on track academically and advance toward your goals. 

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If you are a current high school student, you can earn university credit.

We’re embedding the university experience in high school to give students an accelerated path toward university admission and careers of the future. Our concurrent courses offer the opportunity to earn both high school and university credit toward a major.


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Courses for visiting university students

As a national leader in online and remote learning, ASU's robust catalog of classes is available wherever you are. ASU has the class you need to get back on track or get ahead on progress toward your degree.

Steps to become a visiting university student at ASU

Step 01

Find a course you want to take. 

Search the entire catalog of ASU classes  find those available to help you catch up, stay on track or accelerate your degree.

Step 02

Submit your application.

Our Visiting University Student application is streamlined, taking only 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Decisions are made within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 03

Get an ASU email and activate your account.

Check your email for ASURITE User ID credentials to activate My ASU.

Step 04

Register for classes and pay your bill.

Though financial aid is not available for visiting university students, affordable tuition rates have been set to support students interested in advancing their degree through ASU credits.

We recommend checking the course number and name with your home institution advisor before you register to make sure it transfers back to your home institution.

Tuition for visiting university students is set at ASU Online tuition rates regardless of course modality.

Step 05

Take the class.

Your admission to ASU with nondegree-seeking status permits you to register for up to eight credit hours per semester. You may apply a maximum of 15 credit hours toward a degree at ASU. Nondegree-seeking students are not eligible for financial aid. For more information, visit this page.

Step 06

Order your ASU transcript.

Use this official document to submit to your home institution and apply toward your degree.

Visiting university student frequently asked questions

All classes are offered remotely. Some are offered as our traditional ASU Online courses, some are iCourses and some are taught remotely through ASU Sync.

ASU Online courses are part of our industry-leading online education platform and most are delivered asynchronously, meaning they do not have specific dates and times that the class meets. These classes are listed in ASU’s course search as “ASU Online Classes”.

iCourses are online classes and may be offered asynchronously or they may be taught in live, digital sessions, or other synchronous methods. If an iCourse has a day and time listed, you will meet remotely during that time. If there is no specific time listed, this means that the class is asynchronous, meaning they do not have specific dates and times that the class meets. These classes are listed in ASU’s course search as “In-Person & iCourses”.

ASU Sync allows any student to attend a live-taught, on-campus class via Zoom during it's regularly scheduled day and time. These classes include a live lecture or class presentation by a faculty member alongside other virtual learners in Zoom and students in the classroom.

ASU is committed to providing our high-quality instruction at an affordable tuition rate. Tuition for visiting university students is set at ASU Online tuition rates regardless of course modality.

ASU classes begin six times a year. ASU regularly offers classes in the fall, spring and summer terms. Follow this link to review the start dates for upcoming terms:

Yes. Visiting university students can enroll in eight credit hours for each fall and spring semester, seven credit hours for each six-week summer session, and nine credit hours for the eight-week summer session, with a maximum limit of 24 credit hours over the course of the academic year.

While we do not have a visiting university student application for those with a bachelor's degree already completed, students who already have a bachelor’s degree and are looking to enroll in courses at the undergraduate or graduate level are welcome to apply as a graduate nondegree-seeking applicant.

If you are an undergraduate student in good academic standing at any community college, college or university, you are eligible to take courses for credit with ASU as a visiting university student.

Yes, students who already have a bachelor’s degree or are looking to enroll in ASU courses at the graduate (master’s) level are welcome to apply as a Graduate Nondegree applicant.

We have worked to make the application process as simple as possible. The application takes 10-15 minutes to complete. You’ll have an answer on your application within 48 hours.

Most of ASU’s courses do transfer and count toward your degree at your home institution. However, we strongly encourage you to speak with your advisor at your home institution to ensure that the ASU class or classes you are taking will transfer back to your home institution. Ultimately, it is up to your home school to determine if ASU classes count toward your degree.