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Why graduate students choose ASU

Our graduate students report that they choose ASU because of the quality of our graduate degrees, the close attention they receive from faculty mentors, and the opportunity to advance their career and deepen their knowledge.

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Frequently asked questions about graduate school at ASU

Should I attend grad school?

Graduate school can be a smart option to help secure or advance your career. On average, people with a graduate degree earn more money than students with a bachelor’s degree, and have a lower rate of unemployment.

What is the graduate admission process?

When you decide on a program, complete the admission application, pay the application fee, and send your transcripts and support materials. See complete details on all these steps.

What are the requirements to attend graduate school?

You must first meet minimum university admission requirements. Each graduate degree program has its own admission standards, which may exceed university admission requirements. See your program of choice in Degree Search for its admission requirements.

What is the cost to attend graduate school?

The cost of a graduate degree varies based on several factors, including your residency status and the degree you are pursuing. Use ASU’s tuition estimator to get a good idea of what you would pay for your desired degree program.

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